The PSU Song Project

The PSU Song Project originated in the What is Art For? First Year Seminar class as an idea for a final project. This project only had two requirements: it must be directed to the public, and it must relate to art. Inspired by Komar and Melamid’s Most Wanted Paintings Project, the idea to create preference surveys for students and faculty members at Plymouth State University to take that would that would provide requirements for a song was born.

A link to the current survey is provided at the bottom of the page. Please take it if you want to hear the song in the near future!

How to create PSU’s favorite song

To create Plymouth State University’s favorite song, multiple surveys will be sent out. The first survey will be used to determine the most preferred genre of music among PSU students and faculty members. This survey was created by Rentfrow & Gosling in their publication in 2003 titled “The do re mi’s of everyday life: The structure and personality correlates of music preferences” and was originally titled the Short Test of Music Preference (STOMP). It was later revised and then became the STOMPR. The next survey will be sent out to determine musical aspects of the song, such as tempo, emotion, chord progressions, and more. Once the song has been described enough by the answers of the surveys, it will be composed. Finally, a feedback survey with an audio file of the piece of music will be sent out to make the song better, or keep it as it will be.